Best Man – The Role, the Responsibilities and the Toast.

Being nominated as the Best Man for a wedding involves a role almost as daunting as the Bride Groom’s - without the life long commitment. It is not a role to take lightly. If you have been nominated the Best Man then it is essential that you prepare to be just that – the very best man a groom could have by his side on his wedding day.

The Best Man’s Toast is one of the most important speeches delivered on the day. And the biggest mistake you could make is to underestimate the need to prepare and rehearse carefully for the few words you will offer at the wedding. Follow the “Top Ten Speech Preparation and Delivery Tips” we offer and the take note of the following advice specific for your role:

  • Amusing anecdotes about the Groom are a great way to generate some laughs – but any story that will upset your Groom or his Bride (or offend anyone else in the room) is not worth the risk. Tread a little carefully and be respectful of your audience.
  • Thank them for the opportunity and privilege of being the Best Man
  • The Groom is obviously your main subject but it is important you make the Bride feel special – include flattering details about her and any humorous occasion or story you have shared with her.
  • Details about the way the couple met and/or the proposal often add to the romance of the occasion
  • Do some research so as to include the couple’s courtship story.
  • Offer thanks, praise and a special toast in honor of the Bridesmaids.
  • Use humor in your speech (without overdoing it) and then end on a more formal note by offering sincere praise and congratulations plus your best wishes for the future of the Bride and Groom.

Your Best Man duties start long before the rings are safely tucked into your tux and include:

  • Organization of the rest of the bridal party – you’re pal is in love, but you are in charge.
  • Planning a buck’s night - then ensuring that the Groom survives it and the Bride forgives you for it before the wedding.
  • Double checking that wedding suits, flowers, bow ties, polished shoes and new socks are all ordered, delivered and donned at the appropriate
  • Handing over the gold wedding rings at the set cue with minimum fumbling
  • No scene stealing or stalling at the altar – people are there to see the Bride and Groom, not you.
  • Signing on the dotted line so that the knot around the Bride Groom’s noose is well and truly tied
  • Ensuring well chilled drinks and suitable snacks are on hand to refresh the bridal party throughout the traditionally long wedding photo
  • Escorting the chief bridesmaid – including a swirl or two around the dance floor for the bridal waltz which should be followed by a series of dance offers to all of the most important women at the wedding (i.e. Bride, Mother of Bride, Mother of Groom and first and foremost – your own better half)
  • Preparing a well-planned, well-rehearsed Best Man speech that makes the Groom feel proud, the Bride feel emotional and lucky, the Bridesmaids feel special and the crowd all laugh heartily – with and not at you!
  • Delivering the happy couple safely to their mode of married transport at the end of what has been a wonderful wedding.
  • Helping with the delivery of gifts, the returning of hired suits and any clean up required after the big day.

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