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A wedding is one of the "big" events in one's life. If the average person lives for around 31,000 days, you can be assured that the wedding day is one of the few truly outstanding days which will be remembered, forever.

If the wedding day is memorable, the wedding speeches are one of the few genuinely memorable moments in the entire wedding proceedings. A wedding reception can be deemed a success or failure based on the response to the speeches and toasts. recognizes the critical importance of the wedding speeches and provides high quality speeches and toasts which may be used in their own right or personalized by the inclusion of specific information about the bride and groom, parents, etc. has been online since 2001 and has been used by thousands of customers, worldwide.

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Wedding planning etiquette – Allocating roles and responsibilities – Making decisions for the format of your big day.

Meeting, romancing and finally announcing to the world the identity of that special someone who will stand beside you at the altar and will be, from that day forward, your most treasured betrothed – will suddenly seem like the easy part when it comes to getting married. That is – once you realize all the many and varied decisions and plans you face now that the big question has been “popped”, the engagement is announced and preparation for the wedding day is underway. There is, however, no need to panic! Planning, list making and ticking, along with the support of friends and family will ensure your wedding day will deliver wedding memories to treasure forever.

Knowing where to start the wedding planning is often the hard part. The list of jobs below is designed to help the Bride and Groom follow wedding planning etiquette and create the ideal format for their big day: So now that you have both said “I will” read the following before you both say “I do”:

  • Choose your wedding attendants with care. It is up to you whether you want six bridesmaids or one, four flower girls or none – remember suitability is more important than quantity. The people in your bridal party will play a big part in your wedding and you need friends or family members who can be relied upon to make this occasion one that you will remember – for all the right reasons.
  • Select and announce a date for the big day that suits you both perfectly and then stick to it – if you are swayed to change it due to clashes with other people’s social calendars you risk remaining single forever. Your wedding surely takes priority – let their calendars work around it.
  • Once the date is set you will have a brand new occupation known as “booking” and by the time you have chosen and booked the following wedding essentials you will be experts in your new field. Bookings include: the ceremony venue, the celebrant or priest, the wedding reception venue, caterer, florist, musicians, photographer, videographer, hairdresser, beautician, make-up artist, wedding transport and drivers, wedding cake, suits for the boys, decorations, wedding night accommodation and a honeymoon – because, by golly, you’ll both need one by then!
  • If you are not busy booking you are probably busy buying. The shopping list for a wedding can seem never ending and they will include: wedding stationary, gown, veil, wedding shoes, suit, accessories and gifts (presenting members of the bridal party with a gift is tradition and presenting each other with one is a well earned treat!)
  • And now, with all of the spare time you have in between booking and buying feel free to get on with the ORGANIZING –with a capital “O Oh”. Your guest list will be your starting point. Your next organizing challenge will be the wedding seating arrangements – unless you have opted for the popular stand-up cocktail style affair. Once you feel you must surely have organized just about everything double check the following for good measure: transport details, accommodation, traveling plans, passports, visas and traveler’s cheques – by then you’ll be ready to get hitched and get honeymooning!

Remember that allocating some of these wedding jobs to the friends and family who are keen to help not only saves your stress levels, it makes the people that you love feel honored, excited and involved. Along with your Bridal Party you can choose to increase the number of friends and family with special roles to play by including some or all of the following:

  • Flower Girls and Page Boys
  • Official Ushers and people chosen to hand out church or wedding ceremony booklets
  • People chosen to organize the throwing of rice, confetti or petals over the newlyweds
  • People chosen to offer wedding poems, prayers, songs throughout the ceremony
  • An official Master of Ceremonies for the occasion
  • Someone who stands to say Grace before the wedding meal
  • Guests chosen to offer toasts to the Bride and the Groom and the parents of each
  • Guests chosen to take fun snap shots at the reception with disposable cameras you provide

Weddings are a social event and inviting your most significant loved ones to share in the planning and unfolding of your big day will help to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Then bid them well as you take off together for some wedding night celebrating all by yourselves!

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