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I understand other pre-packaged speech, toast and eulogy services provide me with up to five choices when I place an order, wouldn't I be better off buying five speeches, toasts or eulogies for the price of one?
If you have a lot of time to spend in preparation you may wish to purchase from a "five for one" service. You will need to add text from five short and unrelated speeches, toasts or eulogy tributes in an attempt to draw up a properly structured and flowing presentation. takes a different approach, preferring to provide you with a flowing, structured speech which is not disjointed. The result, in our view, is a better more persuasive speech and less preparation time for you.

If I order a speech, toast or eulogy and then decide I would prefer a uniquely personalized speech, toast or eulogy will I receive a credit for my initial order?
Yes, the cost of your online ready to go speech, toast or eulogy will be credited against your order for a uniquely personalized speech if you place your second order within 48 hours of your first order.

Have any customers ever indicated that their audience could tell that they had purchased an online ready to go speech?
No, never. The reason for this is that the structure of each speech, toast and eulogy has provision and guidance as to where you quite simply insert your relevant personalized details.

Do I need to set aside time for practice after I receive the speech, toast or eulogy?
It is highly recommended, but not essential, that you find a spare 45-60 minutes to practice the speech, persuasive speech, wedding speech, birthday speech, retirement toast or eulogy and add your personalized details where indicated.

Why does have multiple authors? employs authors from broad and differing backgrounds. The result of this investment is that you can select an available speech, toast or eulogy which aligns with your preferred style and presentation and ensures a broad view of life is evident in the speech, persuasive speech, wedding speech, birthday speech, retirement toasts and eulogies.

Why do I have to enter my email address twice?
For verification purposes. An incorrect email address will make it impossible for us to send you your speech, toast or eulogy.

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Thank you so much. We received the speech in time
and my husband received so many compliments on it.
Worth every cent. Thanks again.
- Kelly H

The speech is marvellous! I feel as if a great load has been
removed from my back.
- Roy L
Ontario, Canada

I actually stumbled across your website at the last minute
and it really helped me. After personalising it a bit and
starting with a few clean wedding jokes I had the whole
room going.
- Tim L
Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that my speech was a
huge success! Everyone was impressed and I received
numerous compliments. Thanks for your help!!!
- David K
Spring, Texas



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