Speech Delivery Hints

Even seasoned speakers experience a form of nerves at the prospect of presenting a speech, toast or eulogy. It may be a wedding speech, best man speech, wedding toast, persuasive speech, birthday speech or toast, or a retirement speech or toast.

Experienced public speakers will tell you there are three golden rules to a successful speech, toast or eulogy.

Speechforyou.com can assist you with each of these three key areas.

1 Speech, toast or eulogy Preparation Preparation - We do it for you
2 Speech, toast or eulogy Presentation Presentation - we email succinct and practical presentation advice
3 Speech, toast or eulogy Practice Practice - we cannot do this for you, but if we assist with points 1 & 2 you will have more time to practice and refine your speech, toast or eulogy.

Following the "Triple P" rule....(Preparation, Presentation and Practice) builds your confidence, improves your speech, toast or eulogy and is an iron clad guarantee of assuring your optimum performance.


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Thank you so much. We received the speech in time
and my husband received so many compliments on it.
Worth every cent. Thanks again.
- Kelly H

The speech is marvellous! I feel as if a great load has been
removed from my back.
- Roy L
Ontario, Canada

I actually stumbled across your website at the last minute
and it really helped me. After personalising it a bit and
starting with a few clean wedding jokes I had the whole
room going.
- Tim L
Melbourne, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that my speech was a
huge success! Everyone was impressed and I received
numerous compliments. Thanks for your help!!!
- David K
Spring, Texas



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