Top Ten Selling Speeches...

1. Best Man (Long friendship with groom) 5 min version
A presentation which acknowledges a long friendship with the Groom, the strength of relationship between the Bride and...

2. Best Man Speech (Humorous) 5 min
A humorous presentation which teases the groom in a light hearted manner but then, pays the highest compliments to both...

3. To a Brother (Light hearted) 3 min version
This light hearted speech should be delivered by a brother or close friend.  The speech provides for inclusion...

4. Wedding Anniversary (with children) 5 min
Wedding Anniversary Speech - Delivered by a close friend or child of the couple.  Comments on their strength...

5. Father of Bride Speech & Toast (Thanks all) 3 min
A speech from the Father of the Bride which mentions absent friends, special guests, extended family and speaks...

6. Father of Groom Speech & Toast (Humorous) 5 min
This is a humorous but touching speech from the Father of the Groom.  It has an informal relaxed...

7. In Honor of Bride (Sister) 5 min
The following speech is written for a Bridesmaid who is also the sister of the Bride.  It combines...

8. Retirement Speech (Successful Person) 3 min
This is a very complimentary speech that pays tribute to a family man/woman who is retiring after a...

9. Best Man Speech (Symbolic presentation) 3 min
A toast which pays tribute to the Bridesmaids and acknowledges the strength of relationship between the Bride...

10. Toast to Bride (Close family) 5 mins
This touching tribute toasts the Bride on her wedding day.  It comments on her close family life...

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