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Romance of France


Your wedding toast will have the “Romance of France” find out more in our special wedding speech feature articles.

This wedding season, highlights the wonder, the romance and the sheer magic of a wedding ceremony and reception in the midst of the French country side. Our wedding speechwriters found inspiration from a landscape steeped in tradition and alive with beauty. Add captivating people to this backdrop and a history full of rich cultural festivities and you find the French countryside is the perfect location for wedding speeches that are as memorable as the landscape.

Whether you are looking for a Father of the Bride toast, a Best man speech, a Father of the Groom speech, in fact any wedding toast, you will adore our fairytale locations and the wedding speeches they inspired. The French are world leaders in style; it makes sense that French country side weddings highlight this style.

Let our writers create the ultimate wedding speech to describe your most tender emotions at a reception in a country side that is known for its beauty with its people known world-wide for their flair!

You may think that words cannot describe how you will be feeling on your wedding day yet pens the words for you, words that you will have forever and a day.

Feast your eyes on this selection of century old chapels, scenic country-side reception centers and the ultimate French Chateaus in a land that will turn your fairy-tale wedding into a breathtaking reality.

Brem Sur Mer

Brem Sur Mer

With the morning mists over the countryside the day begins in Brem Sur Mer in South West France. Locals cycle to the corner patisserie, vineyard owners tend to their vines, and seaside devotees prepare for their day of sea and surf. Later in the day they will bask on the sand with the warm sunshine flooding this land with a tender natural light that encourages the Atlantic sea to sparkle and the vineyards to come alive.

It is a magic beach, an enchanting landscape and the perfect backdrop for our many Brides to be and their devoted Grooms. Father of the Brides' Mother of the Brides', and in particular the Bridesmaids and all of our guests fall in love with this special part of France.

Brem Sur Mer offers our wedding speech customers the wedding of a lifetime and the honeymoon locations that remain cherished memories forever.

Century old churches steeped in tradition and dripping with charm envelope your wedding guests in an atmosphere of sheer romance.

Wedding toasts are triumphant when delivered amid the lavish surrounds of the many wedding reception locations dotted throughout this magnificent seaside resort. customers seek style, they want panache, they want punch they want impact. If you are searching for the words for your Bride Speech, if you are penning your Best man speech or if you are a Father of the Bride or a Father of the Groom needing an inspirational speech: seek the speech at this magic beach: Brem Sur Mer.

Brem Sur Mer Churches

Brem Sur Mer delights in churches of the region this one was built in the 11th century.

Bretignolles sur mer

The mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean is the back drop to this charming destination. Our wedding speech writers fell in love themselves with Bretignolles’ warm sunny climate, charming ambiance and stunning restaurants. Weddings are remembered forever, they reflect who you are and offer direction as to where you and your partner want to be in the future. Our wedding speech writers understand this: we write speeches your family and friends will be reciting in years to come. Wedding toasts that have impact, that reflect deep love and eternal commitment.

Bretignolles Sur Mer Churches

Bretignolles Sur Mer Churches

A taste of the many churches in this land steeped in tradition

Below: A quaint chapel for smaller ceremonies


Les Sables d'Olonne

Words cannot accurately describe the ambiance of this unique old fishing village. The heritage combined with the latest in style and fashion results in a nostalgic excitement. The seafood is sumptuous; the cafe promenade has a timeless appeal where one can sit for hours watching the parade of the ever stylish French and the enthusiastic tourists saunter by. Your wedding speeches will resonate with the powerful traditions of romance, France has always made time for lovers Les Sables d, Olonne is no exception. Our Best man toasts, Father of the Bride speeches, in fact all of our wedding toasts are exhilarating, nostalgic and inspiring- just like this Atlantic Ocean paradise.

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